Youth Mentoring Program

In this 6-hour program, youth aged 15-25 will get hands on experience working on basic automotive, small engines, carpentry, detailing, welding and other trades. The youth will work one-on-one with a mentor in a safe and supportive environment. The content of the mentorship will be tailor-made to fit the interests and ability of the youth.

Other than getting basic skills working with tools, this is a great chance for youth to find their talents and interests. Careers in engineer, automation, mechanics and even design would require a person to work with tools. This is a great opportunity to explore whether an environment which requires working with the hands is suitable.

The hours can be counted towards their community service hours at school. Participants will be assessed for their suitability to continue with other opportunities in our program.


Work-week experience

In this 40-hour work week, youth will work at The Shop or with one of our social enterprise partners. The students get to experience working in real business settings while closely supervised by a mentor. The experience has been invaluable to many participants. The prerequisite to this program is that the youth must have gone through our mentorship program and have been recommended by the instructor to join the work week program.


Job placement program

In this program, the youth can access our career counselling, resume building and other employment related services for free.


If you or anyone you know are interested in our program, please call (905) 836-1433 to book an orientation.